Late Plate

Okay technically there’s not much Friday left and I’m betting when I’m done with this post, it’s no longer Friday.
So anyway, what do you do on Fridays??

Look forward to the weekend, yay!

I have a scone baking session tomorrow and of course, brunch to look forward to!

Speaking of brunch, let me review a place Hubby and I went recently.

I suppose it was the rainy, gloomy weather that made this hide-out exceptionally cozy.
There were a decent number of hungry patrons looking for breakfast, and with only one (thank God) sobbing tod.
We wasted no time checking up the menu (Scribbled on blackboard walls) and quickly made our orders.

Chef’s fry up $19.90
Served on a small plate, this dish was literally overflowing with food.
With your choice of eggs and bread, you get Chipotle sausages, field mushrooms, shallot potato croquettes and vine tomatoes.
Chef's Fry Up


Eggs Benedict $16.90

This was just a little more than half on quantity from the fry up, however, no less impressive. Smooth hollandaise sauce over perfectly poached eggs on Ocean Trout and Rosemary scones!
My winner.
Egg's benedict

Though fairly stuffed, the dessert menu could not go unnoticed. We chose the Poached pear with brandy snap and rhubarb ice cream $5. It’s not often you see Rhubarb anything here in Singapore so I was delighted and very much welcomed the tangy,refreshing dessert after the heavy meal.
Poached pear with Rhubarb Ice Cream

The place is not large, but fitted just the right number of people. You may make reservations (Yay) and for bigger groups they have an alfresco area to accommodate the higher volume, pardon the pun.

Would return to try sandwiches, wraps and other sides.
Hmm now with all the salivating, I should think of where to go tomorrow.

Happy weekend!


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