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Family trips. Everyone goes for them. Small groups, large groups. With children or without. For me, I envisioned it to be paradise. With the young ones roaming free in large grasslands (why does it sound like I have lambs for children?), while I sip champagne and lie in the cool sun on a picnic mat… Continue reading Perth-fect!

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March was a busy month (apparently April was too, since I’m only posting this in May). So busy I hardly have time to breathe. There were both kids’ birthdays, our wedding anniversary, school field trips for both of them, a wedding, and a family trip to Malacca! Had celebrations for each child on separate days… Continue reading Beelzebub

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CNY 2017

Chinese New Year came early this year. We were barely done with the festive-high from Christmas and New Year, and here comes another holiday! Really thankful Ks is around this CNY. Because I have someone to peel my prawns.. haha, just kidding. It’s much more fun and meaningful to ๆ‹œๅนด as a complete family. ๐Ÿ™‚… Continue reading CNY 2017

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O N E – Part 2

Now, on the actual day of Jy’s birthday, that’s where the fun is! I met my parents after work to get dinner and some cake for celebration’s sake. But they had plans.. Mom got a cupcake stand and Dad was taste tasting some cupcakes and puffs. They wanted a grand cupcake tier and Jy’s very… Continue reading O N E – Part 2