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So for our first ever trip with the kids, as in just the 4 of us, we decided to go London. Yes, London only. Why London? Well, it’s a destination Ks frequently gets for work so he knows it pretty well. That played a big part in smooth travelling with our children. He could navigate… Continue reading La-La-London!

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Marshall and Skye

After finishing a story I made up about Paw Patrol and noodles, I left the children’s room in the dark so they could sleep. By a stroke of circumstantial luck, Ks somehow trained them to sleep by themselves, as in, without us lying down beside them until they slept. Of course, one of them (usually… Continue reading Marshall and Skye

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Rhapsody in Blue

“It’s cruise day! It’s cruise day!”, exclaim our littles as they explode into the room with their morning war cry. A week or so before, we’ve told them about the upcoming vacation, getting them mentally prepared and our excitement kind of rubbed off on them, resulting in overly enthusiastic children without much knowledge of what… Continue reading Rhapsody in Blue

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Paws-perous New Year!

Chinese New Year (CNY) has always the highlight festival of the year. Other than the two days of public holiday, the family could spend lots of time together feasting and chatting. This year, Ks’ schedule caused him to miss the entire CNY. Although celebrations for CNY can continue until the 15th day, actual visiting would… Continue reading Paws-perous New Year!

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Family trips. Everyone goes for them. Small groups, large groups. With children or without. For me, I envisioned it to be paradise. With the young ones roaming free in large grasslands (why does it sound like I have lambs for children?), while I sip champagne and lie in the cool sun on a picnic mat… Continue reading Perth-fect!