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Letter to DTB of a second child

‘How are you S? You look tired.’ ‘Yes, I am very tired.’ S’ second child is due in 2 weeks. And she’s completely exhausted balancing her job priorities, preparing for the newborn, managing the household while the husband is involved in work and his ministries, and on top of that, running after a very active… Continue reading Letter to DTB of a second child

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Birth Story of Ayrton

At 11am on 30 March 2015, I was chopping a pumpkin, about to make some puree for Jy’s meals. The reason I’m including this information is because, in retrospect, I do think that contributed to me giving birth to Jing Heng (Jh) aka Ayrton early. I was using quite a substantial amount of strength to… Continue reading Birth Story of Ayrton

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Tooth Fairy

On my last gynae visit, Dr Ong asked, “So if your water bag breaks tomorrow, are you ready?” I said, “Yes, except that the hubby is in Milan.” I’m week 35 right now. Jh weighs around 2.2kg. He’s small by BabyCenter’s standard, but I think he’s relatively ok compared to his sister. Anyway, back to… Continue reading Tooth Fairy