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Wow.. it’s been a really busy last quarter of 2016! Mission trip to Xiamen, girl’s trip to Taiwan, church camp, Christmas celebration and New year feasting.. Time has really flown by and we’re more than a week into 2017.. Things haven’t changed much, really, work’s as usual, just a 1.5x more busy (which is probably… Continue reading Dun-tuck

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6 Month Feed-sleep schedule

At 6 months now, this is roughly how Jy spends her day. This is a combination of parent and baby-led schedule. 7am: First morning feed (latch), Jy goes back to sleep 8.30am: Wakes up and plays 9.30am: Second feed (bottle), usually leaves about an ounce from her bottle which is mixed with cereal and spoon fed… Continue reading 6 Month Feed-sleep schedule