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Hanoi/HLB/Sapa – Part I

Decided on visiting a SEA country this year for our couple trip, because the hub wants to go somewhere scenic (think mountains and forests..thanks to a photography bug) instead of a city. So after a few recommendations from his friends, we planned a visit to Vietnam. Our plan is simple: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay and… Continue reading Hanoi/HLB/Sapa – Part I

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Letter to DTB of a second child

‘How are you S? You look tired.’ ‘Yes, I am very tired.’ S’ second child is due in 2 weeks. And she’s completely exhausted balancing her job priorities, preparing for the newborn, managing the household while the husband is involved in work and his ministries, and on top of that, running after a very active… Continue reading Letter to DTB of a second child

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Second Time Round

You know how they always say every child is different and you shouldn’t compare? Yea, we totally did not do that. Jh behaves completely different from Jy. His sister could sleep at midnight and only wake for a feed 6 hours later from week two. Jh wakes up every two hours or less for feeds… Continue reading Second Time Round