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Paws-perous New Year!

Chinese New Year (CNY) has always the highlight festival of the year. Other than the two days of public holiday, the family could spend lots of time together feasting and chatting. This year, Ks’ schedule caused him to miss the entire CNY. Although celebrations for CNY can continue until the 15th day, actual visiting would… Continue reading Paws-perous New Year!

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It’s been almost two months since Didi entered school. After the first week, he was already sniffing away. In the second week, he was down for two days because of fever. And in the third week, he had diarrhea, pooping up to 8 times a day. Scary much? Then it was the CNY weekend. And… Continue reading Triggers

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CNY 2017

Chinese New Year came early this year. We were barely done with the festive-high from Christmas and New Year, and here comes another holiday! Really thankful Ks is around this CNY. Because I have someone to peel my prawns.. haha, just kidding. It’s much more fun and meaningful to 拜年 as a complete family. 🙂… Continue reading CNY 2017

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Dong Dong Chiang!

Last December, there was a Christmas celebration at Jy’s childcare but we weren’t able to attend as we were at Bali for church camp. Her teachers were disappointed that she wouldn’t be around as the toddler group would be presenting a song and they were depending on her to lead the moves! Apparently, she picked… Continue reading Dong Dong Chiang!

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Engagement without a ring

Right now, gynae visits are a weekly affair. The last being on Week 36 Day 5. I have put on about 12kg thus far, standing at 57.8kg. Upon returning to the office, I told my colleagues that JY is ‘engaged’. Engagement is the moving of the baby’s head (bottom, if baby is breech) down to your pelvis.… Continue reading Engagement without a ring