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CNY 2017

Chinese New Year came early this year. We were barely done with the festive-high from Christmas and New Year, and here comes another holiday! Really thankful Ks is around this CNY. Because I have someone to peel my prawns.. haha, just kidding. It’s much more fun and meaningful to 拜年 as a complete family. 🙂… Continue reading CNY 2017

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Quick Bak Chor Mee (BCM)

This a story from a Malaysian ex-colleague of his experience when he first came to Singapore. I was ordering my dinner at a coffeeshop. ‘One fishball noodles, please.’ ‘What noodles?’ I thought he didn’t hear me. So I repeated. ‘One fishball noodles, please.’ ‘What noodles?’ Again, I thought he didn’t hear me. So I said… Continue reading Quick Bak Chor Mee (BCM)

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Soup spaghetti

After Jy was born, Ks and I don’t usually cook at home. We’ll dine at his mom’s place about twice a week and we eat out or ta bao (have takeaways) on other days. So to cook becomes a rather troublesome affair, especially when hardly shop for groceries, since there isn’t a need to. And since I don’t… Continue reading Soup spaghetti


Cooking for (two) Dummies

It’s tough cooking for two. There’s just too much effort involved. Too much wastage from ingredients which come in a big bag. Even more so in Singapore. Coffeeshops abound; restaurants and new bistros pop up every other week. There’re so many bakeries and now everybody’s having brunch, eating up (pun intended) one meal in the… Continue reading Cooking for (two) Dummies