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Family trips. Everyone goes for them. Small groups, large groups. With children or without. For me, I envisioned it to be paradise. With the young ones roaming free in large grasslands (why does it sound like I have lambs for children?), while I sip champagne and lie in the cool sun on a picnic mat… Continue reading Perth-fect!

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AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort

Went on our second family church camp on 16-19 December 2016! This time it was a sort of romantic/ honeymoony resort at Selangor, Malaysia, about an hour’s flight away. We didn’t bring our helper along this time and I have just one word for the trip – Tiring. So it was one adult to one… Continue reading AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort

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Taipei in (less than) 3 days – Part II

DAY 2 (27 Oct 2016, Thursday) I was recommended to check out上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development (ADD) which is a modern fish market. We spent the most on food over here, everything looked fresh and yummy! It’s Sushi and sashimi heaven. Our spread!! I can’t remember how much this costs, but it was sooooo satisfying! We took… Continue reading Taipei in (less than) 3 days – Part II

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LND and AMS – Part VI

Day 7 (12 May 2016, Thursday) Because museums close early, we decided to visit the Rijksmuseum before traveling to Keukenhof. Downloading the museum app really helped as we followed a virtual tour and appreciated all the important paintings while listening to an audio guide. A very enthusiastic tourist engrossed in her guide at the Great… Continue reading LND and AMS – Part VI