The Wife

Waffles with Maple syrup

If you don’t already know, I adore waffles. Fluffy and thick with euphoria absolutely filling the nostrils.
They are an excuse for Maple Syrup. Real Maple, mind. Not the Maple-flavoured trash they serve at fast food joints.

I enjoy eating them grid by grid if I can, like I eat my Kueh Lapis layer by layer.

It’s torture! , you say. But I like it like that.

I’m a Singaporean working wife and mother.
This being a mother thing was so foreign to me, it seemed like one can never be ready for it. No matter your age, your financial status, how many baby sites you visit, how many motherhood books you read, how many kids of friends you’ve played with..
It’s the kind of experience that’s unpredictable, and completely different for every child.

On 7 March 2013, I gave birth to a precious little girl. She’s still every bit as precious despite having a dangerous fondness for all things sparkly. You can find all things related to the exuberant Camille here. Two years later, subsequent to a mis-planning of my ovulation dates, God blessed me with another bundle of dirty diapers (I’m kidding, he’s also plenty of joy). Read all about Ayrton here!

Ever since my hubby put the oven away to make space in the kitchen for the sterilizer, I’ve been rather inactive in the kitchen.
While I still enjoy the occasional banging of pots and pans, they are currently limited to making brocoli puree in the overworked Avent steamer/ blender.

I like travelling but my hubby does all the travelling. *pouts
Well, I get pictures and exotic snacks. Like when I first tasted Speculoos spread, I saw the light. I never want anything else on my toasts.

I blog to remember what God gave me, I blog to remember this life. 🙂
My anchor verse is Palms 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

PS// If you’re wondering whether the title of the blog has anything to do with the famous paperback by Bill and Pam Farrel, ‘Men are like Waffles – Women are like Spaghetti’, you can be assured I am still very much a Spaghetti.
While I am beginning to appreciate compartmentalizing more and more (Rummaging through my Longchamp for the wallet takes up precious time getting on the bus), in my world, everything in my life in still connected to everything else (The Spaghetti theory).
Find out more about this book here!


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