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Paws-perous New Year!

Chinese New Year (CNY) has always the highlight festival of the year. Other than the two days of public holiday, the family could spend lots of time together feasting and chatting.

This year, Ks’ schedule caused him to miss the entire CNY. Although celebrations for CNY can continue until the 15th day, actual visiting would typically be organized during the first few days. He had to fly 2 days before the start of CNY and return on 6th day.

I was upset when I knew about it, but Ks was even more despondent. He was the one who has to be away. To cheer him up, his family and my family had our “Reunion dinners” before his flight.

On the eve of CNY, I picked the children up around lunchtime and brought them to my parents’.

There, we had a simple Reunion lunch, afternoon nap, light dinner and proceeded to hang out at Keppel Bay in the evening.

I knew Prive is open throughout CNY as Ks and I were there the week before on Valentine’s

Playhouse for the kids so we can eat!

Day 1
I brought the kids outdoors for some sunshine! (mainly to drain them so they can nap for the visiting at night)
Of course, most Chinese families are dressed to their nines and out collecting / giving Ang paos, so we met a Japanese family, a French one and another from the UK.
The mummy from London asked what do we do on CNY, and I told her all about visiting other families and she actually prepared a Lo Hei salad for her son, seeing that he was all excited about it after learning it in school.

We visited my parents in the afternoon and did the traditional bai nian.

Next, it was to my Grand-aunt’s home in Toa Payoh.
check out this hugggge Lo Hei she prepared!

My mummy formed it into a shape of a doggie as it was the Year of the Dog.

Day 2
We went to Saturday CNY church service in the morning.
New year benediction:

Next we headed to the home of Ks’ 2nd Uncle. Even though he wasn’t around, it was respectful to visit his side of the family.

Then, it was off to my own maternal grandfather’s place. Another round of rich food and snacks and Lo Hei!!

We spent the night at my mom’s.. simply because everyone was exhausted. Had a quiet(ish) night of watching the telly and visiting the shops, and simple thrills of taking the bus with kids.

Trying to get the floral arrangement in the frame

Day 3
A chillax day.
Visited popo at the memorial garden and spent the rest of the day at my sister’s place doing nothing.

Day 4
Back to work for me, and school for the kids! It was still a gazetted school holiday and many people were still on leave, so the roads were clear with very few on the trains.

That weekend, my CG had a Steamboat at my place.

We let the young ones do a first round of Lo Hei before the adults did it.
Quite cute to see how some kids love the mess, while others like Jy didn’t want any bit of it at all.

My department has 开工 and 收工 Lunches annually.
This year’s 收工was at Por Kee. It’s an old favourite. And I personally think they have the best platter!
开工 lunch this year was at Kai Garden. Another hugeeeee Lo Hei! There was a tub of nian gao as a gift for each table.

The following week, the children had their CNY celebration at school. they performed well 🙂 Even though half the time didi had his face towards the wall, and Jy’s toward her teacher at the side of the room.
IMG-20180301-WA0018Wishing all a paws-perous New Year!!


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