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Oh wow, it’s July (end July at that)! More than half the year is over!

We had a family chalet in May, then Ks and I went on a trip to Shanghai.
June was just full of long flights for Ks and overtime for me whilst organizing my company’s D&D. And now in July, we’re finding time to get good rest again with Ks’ birthday celebration and a staycation.

D’resort chalet
We booked the chalet rather late because the family couldn’t decide on whether to go for a chalet or a trip to JB.
We settled for the former because my FIL really wanted to have a barbecue.

The place was much more classy than we’d expected. Compared to the chalets we stayed at during our own Secondary school days, this was really a different league.

We booked a Rainforest room on Level 5 and another one at Mangrove walk on Level 1 which came with the BBQ pit.
The interior of the Rainforest room was huge (maybe because it was the highest floor, so it came with high ceilings), clean and cosy.

It overlooked Wild Wild Wet so the view is bright and colourful.

And came with Dolce Gusto!! Shioks..

Along the corridor, there was a lovely reading nook. I really, really dream of this corner to be in my home one day.

There was a backdoor at the chalet leading to Pasir Ris Park where the kids had some fun playing at the beach.

At about 5pm, the men started the fire at the BBQ pit.

We’d ordered lots of food and it was an enjoyable night of eating, drinking, chatting..

The children largely spent most of the time indoors as there was air-con and we didn’t want them to be exposed to too much smoke.
So tv time it was..

One of the few occasions they left the room – for marshmallows 🙂

We explored E! hub the next morning. Went for McDonald’s breakfast and checked out.
Very short but fun holiday! Exciting enough for the children but not too tiring, in the sense that you don’t have to pack so much or worry about not bringing stuff cos we’re still in Singapore after all.
(Pardon Jy’s bored face.. she’s at the stage of not wanting to smile at the camera on purpose)

I’m really glad God gave me the perfect travel companion. My eye mask.
No, I’m kidding. Ks is a wonderful travel companion.

Other than the fact that he packs so efficiently (because he travels so often), he brings all the things you didn’t know you’ll need. Like extension cords, and mamasan bags. Plus he knows where to bring you!
So in Shanghai, we ate.. (best fried dumplings, btw)

And ate..


We also visited the Shanghai Bund. Both in daytime..

And at night 🙂

Cafe culture in Shanghai is on point.
We had so much cakes and bubble tea, I’m sure I’m in the running for another tooth decay.

Love my entourage too! Xoxo

Throwback to my company’s D&D – World Ethic Fiesta!
I try not to talk about work matters, so here’s just a little peek of my outfit for the night!

Didi’s class organized a trip to Clementi Fire Station. Apparently there is a Fire Station Open House every Saturday from 9-11am, you could simply walk in for a tour of the place.

Didi was rather amazed being up close to the Firemen and vehicles, while Jy was more hot and bothered.

I was just happy to be taking lots of photos.. haha.
The tour was conducted by an officer who went rather in detail about the different parts of the engine, but kids being kids wouldn’t stay in one spot listening to him, and parents have to get hold of the wriggling children. So half the time he was just sort of talking to a bunch of people walking/ running around. Oops.

The more exciting parts were climbing into the fire engine and spraying water from the water pump.

At the red light// An everyday picture.. we don’t cherish the mundane moments until they’re gone. 🙂


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