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March was a busy month (apparently April was too, since I’m only posting this in May). So busy I hardly have time to breathe.

There were both kids’ birthdays, our wedding anniversary, school field trips for both of them, a wedding, and a family trip to Malacca!

Had celebrations for each child on separate days at school.

Jy with her Frozen cake
The 2kg cake from Begawan Solo looked huge and we were afraid it wouldn’t be finished but surprise, surprise, four year olds have hearty appetites and most had second or even third helpings. Jy, however, is not a fan of cake (like completely odd, right?!) and was more interested in the cake slices and presents distribution, so I  had her share.

Didi and his Cars cake

For Didi’s class, we only ordered a 1kg cake as his class is smaller and some of the children aren’t allowed cakes. It’s so cute watching the two year olds eat cake. If they used hands, their fingers were smeared with chocolate. If they used their mouths to eat the cake directly from the plate, they had cream all over their faces.

Then there was a combined birthday celebration with the family! 

With all the guests
We invited the grandparents, uncles and aunts. So it was a small extended family affair; very cosy.
Birthday March

The kids had lots and lots of gifts. Ours actually paled in comparison to some of the presents they got. Jy had those slitty eyes because she didn’t want to pause in the unwrapping of the presents for the photo-taking.
Presents pic

And I tried my hands on a Kit Kat/ M&M’s cake!
Presentation was good and taste was passable. I made a Speculoos ganache, but I was not generous enough with it, so it was a tad dry.

At least it made the young ones (and the young at heart) really happy! 😀

Towards the end of the month, Jy had a field trip to the Airport as they were learning about work places and guess who’s work place they went! Yes, daddy’s!

Ks was a guest speaker cum guide on the field trip. He began with a short presentation on the types of planes and places in the airport.

During the trip, they when to see check in counters, took the Skytrain and finally arrived at the viewing gallery to rest and draw. 
Think Ks enjoyed himself as much as them; I’ve always thought he was great with children. By the end of the day, the children were clinging on to him like he was some kind of candy man, ‘Mr Chong, Mr Chong!!’ Haha!

Didi’s field trip at the end of month was to the Singapore Duck Tour. I know he would be interested as he’s crazy about vehicles.
He was skipping and hopping in excitement all the way on our journey to Suntec city, but out came the waterworks when they started distributing the life jackets for the toddlers.

Didi cry
He was very quiet throughout the Duck tour itself, as were most of his friends. It seemed the bus ride and waiting had tired them out haha!

Gazing out from the Duck

We had a picnic after that in the Sky Garden with lunch provided. Thank God it only rained briefly and didn’t affect the tour much! Kudos to the teachers for a well planned first field trip! *Thumbs up!

In March, I was also involved in leading worship for my friends’ wedding. To Jy, brides in their beautiful gowns are princesses. And of course, she love them! ❤

Somehow, though, she’s really afraid of them!! Twice I asked if she wanted to take pictures with the bride and twice, she played me out!! Arrgh.
Spot her squatting at the back! Someone enlighten me, please. Why is she so scared of something she likes so much?!

I’ve finding it tough to keep up with her emotionally. She can be very sensitive to many events that you aren’t aware of and suddenly wail in tears at the slightest trigger.

Anything seem to be able to cause her to tear up. Like when my brother shouted a little loudly for her to stop as she was irritating him during dinner, or when I told her to hurry up for the fifth time when she’s putting on her shoes.

I’m learning how to deal with this fragileness and have read that I shouldn’t ignore her cries. I should “support the development of emotional regulation by empathy and understanding, not silencing” according to this article here.

Help her to name her feeling (“I know you’re upset because mummy wasn’t paying attention to you”) and be there for her by assuring her you’re with her.

Sigh, but in most of these events, I just blow up and probably walk away until she stops crying. Okay, Mummy lesson to practice..

For now though, excuse me while I scream into my pillow.
On other days, she’s the sweetest being. 🙂


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