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It’s been almost two months since Didi entered school.
After the first week, he was already sniffing away. In the second week, he was down for two days because of fever. And in the third week, he had diarrhea, pooping up to 8 times a day. Scary much?

Then it was the CNY weekend. And with bad food and a lack of rest, he had loose stools and fever again.
Two weeks after CNY, he was hacking away with green phlegm. So you can see, Didi started school and has not been well since. In two weeks, he’d lost 0.5kg. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but 0.5 out of 10 is a freaking 5%. And 5% of an adult weighing 50kg is 2.5kg. I wish I can lose 2.5kg in two weeks.
Wait, let me take that back. Don’t wanna be ill and suffering to lose that 2.5kg.

Didi is got closer and closer to his teachers. He’d point and acknowledge when I say the name of his teachers. We got regular updates that he’s doing rather well in class too. Seeing pictures of him playing, drawing and learning in class via his School portal.

Both Ks and I have witnessed how difficult it is to handle crying toddlers. And somehow, the Senior teacher explained that the new toddlers are all joining the class at the same time because of restrains in the teacher-student ratio from last year. In the past, enrollment is spaced out over the end of the first year into the beginning of the second year, so the ‘older’ students are more settled and won’t cry as easily when they see accompanying parents or cry when ‘newer’ students cry.
So, advice for parents starting their kid in Childcare: start school when others are not. I suppose that also depends on how much control you have on when your child starts school.

Having said all the above, Didi has more than warmed up to his new schedule and is now the additional attendee at the Teachers’ meeting every afternoon. You see, Didi doesn’t nap for long at school. While the whole school is down from 12-2pm, Didi gets up at 1pm and starts wandering around. To keep him from disturbing his classmates, the teachers got him to sit in at their meetings. He’ll be on the lap of one of his teachers and soon, grew to be a part of their meetings.

He got so used to all the teachers that they would carry him out of school with me and refused to go home with me. So, I do think he has more than adapted to school. He’s enjoying it so much! That’s super good news to me. 🙂

Parental acitivity – Making Playdough

Jy is different. She’s grown up.
She’s getting to an age that needs little guidance yet major supervision. You don’t have to entertain her now. You have to listen to her and watch her.

Jy can colour, paint, do blocks, read all by herself, whenever she wants to. There’s no need to teach her how or what to play. But when you decide, oh finally, I can take a break. You’ve got another think coming.

She’ll come to you to tell you what she’s doing. Letting her dolls watch tv, for example, or that she’d painted a giraffe, or that she’d managed to transform the car into a robot.
It’s amazing, the things she can do now. But sometimes, you are just busy.

Busy watching the brother, busy checking texts, busy getting dressed, busy preparing dinner.. And then, she’ll start getting your attention in other ways like, hitting the brother  for fun or messing up the wardrobe.

We used to laugh when she said something rude, like “Not like this, la!”, because it’s cute coming out from a 2 years-old. Now we have to scold her and stop her from being impolite.
I suppose the change in needing her to stop some things that she’d been doing all along is a little tough on her. All of a sudden, we have to stop her from whining and to ‘say it properly in a nice voice’.

Stress from work is causing me to be impatient on her and at times, I find myself snapping at her a lot. Sometimes she ignores me, sometimes she cries.
I can’t understand (almost) 4 years-old emotions.

Take the school’s CNY celebrations for example.
It was held at the school in the afternoon and I went after work to watch. When I arrived, I joined Didi’s class, because he saw me and cried (typical, I was expecting that). Then, Jy saw me and came over.
Didi’s class performed first and parents were to accompany the children. Didi didn’t dance, of course, he was more interested in the balloons behind. Jy watched us from below and looked really unhappy. I think she was wondering why I’d left her behind.

After a while, Jy’s class had their performance. By the placing of the children, I could tell the teachers wanted Jy to lead (She’d always been an awesome dancer). Guess what, while all her classmates performed wonderfully, Jy sobbed and mopped on stage.
MAJOR EMBARRASSING. 😦 And, disappointing.

I’m not sure how I could have done things differently. Right after her performance, she had some time to cool down with her teachers and during the pot-luck tea time, she was in the highest of spirits, playing with her friends as we had our little picnic.


I’m still working it out. I don’t have any answers.
But God, You’ve given me children, and made me a parent. Help me to bring them up in You!


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