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LND and AMS – Itinerary

We had so much time to plan for this trip. Ks missed a flight because he had diarrhea, then he had a whole week of standby which he did not get called up for, then he missed another flight because his passport got stuck at the US embassy while applying for visa.
So he spent his days planning the trip and booking tickets for us, hehe.

Two MAJOR thanksgivings about this trip:

Check out temperatures for the month of May in London and Amsterdam!
The dates circled in red are the dates that we were in each of the places.

calendar lnd

calendar ams

I’m not a fan of the cold at all, and the period which we visited the cities had the most perfect temperatures! Weather was just awesome. We had clear skies, a bit of sun and cooling breeze in the evening. The locals were all outdoors because it’s so unusual to be that warm! And just the weekend before, there was hail in London (this globe is really whacked).
We actually overheard a guide saying this to her group, “I apologise for the sun! It’s not supposed to be this hot this time of the year!”

And even though it threatened to rain on the day we planned to visit Keukenhof, it didn’t! But just after we left Amsterdam, temperatures dropped to the lowest of 5 degrees! Brrr..

While we were at Bloemenmarkt (Floating Flower Market) in Amsterdam, I was pickpocketed.

I kept my iPhone in the front pocket of my sling bag. It had a lanyard, attached to my bag. I felt a tug on my bag while I was pointing out something to Ks and before I know it, Ks was wrestling a stranger. It then dawned on me what happened and I was shouting, “No! No! Give it back, give it back!”
The pickpocket had no expression on his face but boy, did he have strength. My iPhone was hidden underneath a plastic bag which he held closely against his chest. At first he refused to let go, but released my phone upon the racket I was making. Then he calmly walked into the crowd.
While I was busy inspecting the returned phone, Ks said that when the pickpocket turned around to face us, Ks gave him an air punch.

In retrospect, the market had loads of tourists and I should have been more alert, and obviously not put my phone in the front pocket. The lanyard delayed the pickpocket as he had to the tug it away. We were very blessed to be able to retrieve our item and the pickpocket was not armed. So please, please, travel with care!

ZC 965

Day 1 (6 May 2016, Friday)
6AM Land in Heathrow
9AM Check in Airbnb at King’s Cross St Pancreas
British Museum
Lunch at Flat Iron
Shopping at Bond Street/ Oxford Street
Theatre: Wicked!

Day 2 (7 May 2016, Saturday)
City Tour
Lunch at Slug and the Lettuce
Borough Market
Tour Old Town (Old City)

Day 3 (8 May 2016, Sunday)
National History Museum
Lunch at Burger and Lobster
Hyde Park
Camden Market
Dinner at Hawksmoore Air Street

Day 4 (9 May 2016, Monday)
Platform 9 and ¾
Spitalfields Market at Liverpool
Lunch at Poppies Fish and Chips
South End Airport
6.30PM Land at Schiphol
7.30PM Check in to Airbnb at Overtoom
Dinner at Buuf

Day 5 (10 May 2016, Tuesday)
City Tour
Lunch at Pancake Bakery
Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market)
Anne Frank Museum
Dinner at Castell
Red Light District

Day 6 (11 May 2016, Wednesday)
Zaanse Schans Windmill Village
Heineken Experience

Day 7 (12 May 2016, Thursday)
Dinner at Haesje Claes

Day 8 (13 May 2016, Friday)
9AM Depart from Schipol!

I do think the duration of the trip is very comfortable. Just enough time to enjoy the cities yet not too long so they remain exciting.

Of course, trips out of the city like Keukenhof take at least half a day, so give it a miss if you are time strapped. We kinda fell into the tourist trap of going to it as it’s a MUST-SEE and we’re ‘very lucky’ to be there at Tulip season (or perhaps we’re just not Tulips people). No harm staying put in town and taking a photo with every canal you see. Amsterdam’s just that beautiful.

ZC 1385


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