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Seoul Amazing – Part III

Day 5
I did a lot of research about Noryangjin Fish Market and I do know that prices of the seafood do not come cheap there.
You could smell the fishes all the way from the train station (it was one of the rare open-air stations).



We knew what we wanted – oysters, octopus and a small crab.



We walked down the lane of hawkers, all trying to get your business and eventually stopped at a stall selling all the items we want.

We were led to a restaurant at the back and served our meal.


Prices as follows:
Crab 35,000 won
Sannakji (Live baby octopus) 5,000 won
Oysters 12 for 5,000 won
Cooking fee (to fry rice) 5,000 won



There were other charges for food preparation; side dishes etc and we also ordered drinks with our meal. A pricey experience, but definitely one worth having.

Then we headed to Lotte mart to shop! I must say the prices there are not the cheapest. There are a few specialty shops at university towns selling these tourist bites which are cheaper, but Lotte mart has the most variety and after the cashiers, there are lanes and lanes of boxes and tapes for tourists to pack their loot.

Specialty shop in Sinchon

Love all the different flavoured milk!

Crazy packing lanes

We proceeded to Itaewon to make embroidered luggage tags for our colleagues. To be honest, it was rather out of the way. But we thought it was a good time to check out the neighbourhood. In the end, it was raining too heavily to do any exploring, so we just went straight to the luggage tag shop and got our stuff.

The master at work


That night, Ks had a huge craving for Korean Fried Chicken (KFC). Sometimes, I wonder if he’s pregnant. It was the main reason for him to be here and we googled for good KFC near our hotel. We finally got some recommendations from the hotel concierge and settled on Mexx, which we still took quite a while to find.


You could select your choice of chicken according to the different regions and naturally, we chose the Korean type, which came with some really tasty leek fritters.

After this, we made a turn in the alley behind and there were 4 or 5 Fried chicken stores in front of us!

Although we were stuffed, we just really wanted more (read: deadly sin, GREED) and had a part two dinner at Chir Chir Fried Chicken. Oh wow.. This da bomb!

I don’t fancy the chicken so much (never been a fan to begin with) but I love everything else that came with it! The sauce, the soft yet crispy potatoes and the mini tteokbokkis!

I wanna bring you home!!

It’s crazy to have KFC twice in a night. But, YOLO.

Day 6

Ks had a flight the day after we return and needed some time to prepare. I didn’t want to waste the day, so I went to visit Gwangjang Market by myself. (Do note that most stores are closed on Sundays)



Had myself a huge fish cake stick with yummy hot soup

Beautiful flowers for sale

I bought meat patties, kimbap and dumplings for brunch.

After a tough luggage re-packing session, we headed to the airport bus stop and then home, sweet, home!



3 thoughts on “Seoul Amazing – Part III

    1. It really isn’t that cheap if you compare it to places like Bangkok or Taiwan, But portions are generally larger so, for example, two snacks would be sufficient for a meal. Hope this helps!


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