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My second born is turning one in a week’s time.

ย It’s really been a turbo ride to the one year mark.
Somehow a second child speeds things up. You don’t spend as much time planning his food when he start solids or wondering when his tooth is going to appear, or when he will start crawling/ walking/ talking or why he isn’t breathing halfway through his sleep.

We have a very vague tracking of his milestones, and didn’t always capture everything on video.

He has a very different caregiver from his sister.

He spends his days crawling after a ball while Robbie vacuums the floor or trying to fit himself into the second cubicle on the Ikea bookcase (oh man, I literally LOL-ed when I saw him). He get excited so easily! He’ll flash his toothy grin when you so much as wriggle a finger in front of him.

He loves remote controls and BALLS. All kinds of balls. He really looks like a puppy, if you see the way he chases a ball.
We have a thick playmat in the living room and he adores making squeaky noises by dragging his fingers on it. But he’ll be the first to run away if he hears sudden noises louder than footsteps. His heart rate goes up and he’ll look scared when we’re crossing the road and a cab drives pass an inch too close to us.

My little pooh weighs 8.4kg last night. He currently dislikes porridge but is eating about half a bowl of rice with frozen food cubes and some kind of gravy for his meals. We also feed him a lot of cereals to boost his iron intake (a concern the hospital raised when he was admitted the second time). Didi was exposed to sugar and salt a lot earlier than his sister. It’s not on purpose but Robbie tends to want to give him adult soups, fried rice.. etc. Honestly, I don’t like it, but when I see him eat happily, I just close an eye about it. I’m still the irritating purist when it comes to feeding him. So when I’m around, Robbie will ‘ask’ me if it’s okay feed him certain things. But I know she does it anyway when I’m at work.

Didi can stand while sitting down without any help. He needs a security to stand longer than 2 seconds and to walk. If we extend our little finger, he’ll grab it and start walking his baby steps. He needs something to build his courage, even if it’s just a flimsy piece of curtain. As long as he has it, he’ll be able to step out.

He climbs up and down the sofa with no issue, but we got to be careful if we put him on the bed. He’s still loves getting into precarious positions, giving us a heart attack now and then.


The boy is a screamer. Disappear for a second and you’ll hear him. When he gets excited, he screams. When Jiejie tries to hug him, he screams. When he wants his milk, he screams. I’ve tried chiding him but well, he doesn’t really get it.

And the way he cries will just compel you to pick him up immediately. The pushed out lower lip and the upside down smile..

I really hope he gets talking soon so that he can express himself better. Right now, he can mumble ‘Mum mum mum mum’ and that’s about it. Sometimes, we think we hear words like ‘Jiejie’ or ‘Oh no’, but we don’t think those are possible.

I was so elated when one day he looked at me and said ‘Mum mum’ until I realised he was just playing with the saliva bubble in his mouth.

Whatever the sister is playing, Didi wants it. Try giving the same toy to him when Jy isn’t around and he’s just not interested. This makes playing together a battle every time. Jy would push Didi away he tries to touch her stuff and Didi is just undeterred, nothing else can distract him.

Didi has a very classic move whenever he is tired. He tugs the back of his ears repeatedly. It’s the move to imitate to refer to him. ๐Ÿ™‚

Like Jy at one, Didi only has two teeth and they are both at the rather low percentile of their growth charts. And I think their similarities end there.

While Jy strives on praises, recognition and she enjoys performing and singing and dancing. Didi is not at all like this. He does what he wants in his own time. Pushing him will only cause him to be frustrated. You can’t really distract him easily but you can make him smile and laugh without much effort. He doesn’t respond very much to music, doesn’t like reading, but can quietly try to retrieve a ball from under the table.
He does what he wants, when he wants. Hm, very manly, I like. #crazymom

He is very, very cute. Not that I’m biased or playing favourites, but he really looks much cuter than Jy, objectively. But Jy was so smart she won all the love with her antics.

Ks and I think it’s so interesting having kids with such different personalities and of course, that would mean that we need to bring them up differently as well. Our parenting styles would have to change to adapt to them and that’s a whole lot of trial and error in the many aspects of their growth – from feeding, to bedtime, to their learning.

One thing is for certain though, we pray our children will grow up to love God to the best their abilities and to serve Him wholeheartedly and faithfully!



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