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Hairy Tuft

Didi had his 9 month old progress check yesterday.
Weighing only 8kg, and only 70cm tall, he is at the 25th percentile.

He was 75th at his third month. Somehow his growth seemed to have plateaued a little.
Can’t say that it doesn’t affect me, but well, can’t do anything about it. As long as he is healthy.

Didi took forever to flip. He was just not interested! He eventually did it in mid-October, when he was around 6.5 months old. He could pull himself to stand about a month later, 5 days before he was 8 months old. He just loved being tall. Even as an infant, he would want to be held upright. It wasn’t that we wanted to push it, but he was always a happier baby when upright.

Crawling came a bit later in early December, just before my birthday. He was about 8.5 months old then. I was on all fours in front of him and he wanted to reach me. I started crawling backwards while he crawled slowly towards me. This went on for a decent distance until Ks said, ‘Ok, I proclaim that he can crawl!’ Yay!

Now, at 9 months, Didi can cruise pretty well. Two days ago, I witnessed him bend down to pick up something off the floor and stood up again. According to Babycentre, he’s on his way to learning how to walk!

Linguistically, he can make single syllabus noises like, ‘Ma’ and ‘Ba’.
I’m quite sure he knows I’m ‘Ma’, but I can’t prove that yet. He doesn’t call me all the time.

He loves clapping. And he will clap for no rhyme or reason. But he does not always clap when we want him to.

Snug in Daddy’s arms

Didi also loves playing with the ball. Basically, any rolling type of object, he loves it. He will try to pick it up, most times, unsuccessfully and be all excited that he can crawl after it to grab it again. He looks like a happy puppy, haha.

He also recently discovered sunlight and would tap on the floor where the rays get it. He likes his shadow and would try to touch it.

At the assessment, Didi could hit blocks, move them from one hand to the other and has the pincer grasp (index and thumb)! I didn’t see it for myself but Ks thinks it’s lucky, haha. I believe it’s real because Didi has plenty of time to practice when he sits around the house while Robbie is cleaning or vacuuming something.

Laughing with my friends at a gathering

Sleeping wise, he’s still sleeping alone in the cot. We transferred him from the mattress when he could crawl and I would often find him standing up in the cot at night.

He usually wakes up once to feed, although I’m quite sure it’s not because he is hungry. Then it would take a while before he could be put back to sleep.
Previously with Jy, this interrupted sleep caused me to be so tired at work the next day, but with Didi, I’m just thanking God if he wakes up only once.

In the daytime, he was sleeping up to 3 times a day for different lengths of time – sometimes 30mins, sometimes an hour. We pushed back his morning nap to 10am, and he could nap longer for an hour. We’re trying to reduce his naps to twice a day and to regulate it. Robbie does it, mainly. But things get all messed up in the weekends. Oh wells.

We started solids for Didi at 6 months and he was taking it really well. He loved the food, and we were mixing up all the different vegetables together in a single feed. Then he started throwing up. He would eat up the half bowl of puree then throw up. It got so bad then we decided to stop solids altogether and switch back to feeding milk exclusively.

After a while, we started again. Plain food, this time. Only rice. Then rice with potatoes.
Didi was doing well and we were careful not to mix too many different items at one go.
Right now, he has 3 porridge meals a day with a fruit. He’s still a tiny baby, and we’re introducing egg yolks to him. Praying that he puts on more weight!

For the longest time, we were wondering why he wasn’t cutting any teeth. Jy seemed to cut her first tooth earlier (actually, she’s faster in almost everything). Then, just yesterday morning, I saw two faint white marks on Didi’s bottom gum! Finally!

Then, I felt a little sad immediately because he won’t be toothless much longer. The irony of a parent.

Didi’s hair was beginning to cover his ears and my brother and brother-in-law thought it looks ridiculous. So on New Year’s day, I trimmed a little of it while he was having breakfast. Didi’s first haircut!
I’ve never touched Jy’s hair, it’s her dad’s job. 🙂

The trim
didi hair

My son is such a charmer. He’s so cute he drives my mom crazy. She spends her tea break at work looking through his photos and sending it to us and the heart-as-eyes emoticon.

Jy wasn’t such a cute baby. She wasn’t physically cute, cute. But she was smart and active; easily winning us over with the things she could do and say.

But her little brother. He’s a life-sized pooh bear. And a super smiley one at that.



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