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NUH Staycation (PART II)

Over the next two days, the nurses never stopped visiting (read: disturbing) us. But I know they were just performing their duties.

There were temperature, heart rate, oxygen level checks. And the nebs. Then checks to see if he’s feeding alright, his urine & poop..

The pediatricians on call came one after another, asking the same questions about current condition and history, then the staff doctor came whilst explaining to the housemen and made her diagnosis.

And there were the phlegm suctions..
No parent need this, honestly.IMG_4834

The amount of phlegm collected after the first suction

I’m not sure how other patients actually rest, but I was worn out.

Our families also came to visit, allowing Ks and I to go off for our meals and settle other administrative stuff.

It was mid-autumn festival that night and we decided that Ks should go home to play with lanterns with Jy. We didn’t want her to miss out on the fun this year. But her friends weren’t at the playground this year because of the horrid haze.



I braced myself for a tough night, but never would I have expected it to be so bad. Tough is such an understatement.

First off, we had a corner bed next to a corridor where the lights are turned on at night, so it was rather bright.

Secondly, Didi hadn’t been feeding all day, so I was engorged but unable to really pump as it will make a lot of noise and I can’t leave Didi alone to go out and pump.

Thirdly, the interruptions from the nurses to take the various test didn’t stop! So when I could finally conk out, I was awakened to ‘I’m going to check his diaper now.’ @#$%#$

Fourthly, Didi slept for no more than half an hour at a time! And when a toddler was admitted at midnight to the bed next to ours, he was crying during his nebs, Didi wouldn’t stop wailing either! It was a race between who could scream louder. I was embarrassed at first, then annoyed, then so pissed I couldn’t care less and let him yell all he wanted. The staff nurse came to see if I needed help, and I requested for formula, thinking the warm milk could comfort him, but he barely took a sip.

Eventually, she asked to carry him away so I could rest. But I think it was just to stop me from strangling him. And also for the sanity of the other patients in the ward.

After the offline nightmare, I woke up to this in the morning.

It was as if none of those happened, and all my frustrations melted away.

The doctor made her rounds in the morning and said that since his fever had gone down, wheezing had very much subsided which means he no longer had trouble breathing, lungs were more or less cleared and his oxygen levels were good, he could be discharged with a follow up on Friday.

Happy to go home!

The phlegm would be there to stay for a while longer, and his appetite would also take time to get back to normal, but no cause for concern at the time being.

As we left the place, our neighbor whispered, ‘There goes the loudhailer’.

I don’t blame them.


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