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The Fortnight

Two weeks postpartum.
Two weeks since Jing Heng is born.
Two weeks I’ve been a mother of two children.

This was how it went:
Day 1 – Gave birth; Jy visited me the hospital and fell sick that night
Day 2 – Stayed in hospital, while Jy stayed at in-law’s
Day 3 – Both Jh and I were discharged, first night home with Jh alone and he wouldn’t sleep until 3am
Day 4 & 5 – Adapting to waking up 3-4 times at night to pump and feed
Day 6 – Brought Jy to the clinic as her fever had lasted 5 days, she was given a suppository and her fever finally came down
Day 7 – Decided Jy should stay away for one more day to fully recover
Day 8 – Jy went to school and was back home at night; Jh was admitted to the hospital for Jaundice
Day 9 – Second day with Jy alone
Day 10 – Jh was discharged and both kids were home! Terrible night
Day 11 & 12 – Jy still wakes up in the middle of the night, while I have to pump and feed Jh
Day 13 – Jy went to my parents’ for her weekend stay
Day 14 – TODAY!

I am so thankful for maternity leave. It’s like impossible to get a good night’s rest. I have to wake up to pump because I get so engorged. Then I have to wake up again when Jh cries for milk, and I’ll feed him a bottle which he takes 30 mins to finish as I struggle to stay awake. And 2 hours later, I get up again to pump. How’s that for a night.

Ks mainly attends to Jy because, well, he says he doesn’t hear Jh cry.
So I do the nursing, the pumping, the washing and the sterilising by myself.

When Jh was a few days old, while we were still in the hospital, he didn’t seem to be getting enough milk. I thought I was latching right, but my nipples got sore within a day! Hard-headed that I was, I wanted to exclusively breastfeed Jh, like I did Jy. But Jh kept crying after feeds, signifying he wasn’t satisfied. So I succumbed and got the nurses to supplement with formula feeds.

Back home, Ks bought a small can of formula for Jh while I pumped after every feed to increase my supply. After a day or two, I had more milk than he could drink and when he was hospitalized, the nurses were surprised I could provide Jh with so much expressed breastmilk. And after using a scoop of the formula to make 20ml of milk once, the rest of the can remains untouched.

Currently, I’m trying to reduce my supply so I don’t have to wake up to pump at night. I want a little more than just enough for Jh so he gets comfortably well fed and I don’t have to suffer with engorgement all the time.

This article really helped during those initial days when I was trying to stabilize the breastfeeding.
After going through it for a year with Jy, I thought I could breastfeed Jh easily. But with each child comes different challenges.

When Jh was discharged the first time, his bilirubin level was 8.7. That’s a pretty decent level, considering Jy was 12 and had to undergo phototherapy straight away.
When he was a week old, we went back to the pediatrician and his bilirubin level was 14.6! The doc advised we admit him immediately. It came as quite a shock for me because the level is high enough to do him some harm, and all along we thought he didn’t have serious jaundice. In fact, I continued taking ginger in my confinement food.
Thank God after two days of phototherapy, Jh was back with a healthy 6.9 level.

Although it’s just a fortnight, I’m been through a roller coaster of emotions – Joy, thankfulness, shock, regret, depressed, annoyed. Physically, I feel rather drained, but God has been so kind to allow Ks to be with me for 3 whole weeks before his next flight. Even then, my in-laws have offered to have Jy during the period he is away so I’ll just have to look after Jh myself. 🙂



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