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Birth Story of Ayrton

At 11am on 30 March 2015, I was chopping a pumpkin, about to make some puree for Jy’s meals.
The reason I’m including this information is because, in retrospect, I do think that contributed to me giving birth to Jing Heng (Jh) aka Ayrton early. I was using quite a substantial amount of strength to chop that pumpkin. That and the fact I went to sing Adele’s songs at KTV the previous day.

Ks was off to Hongkong that day. Just a short turn-around trip. I spent the day with Jy at a friend’s daughter’s 1 year birthday party and then at my mom’s watching LKY’s state funeral procession on TV.

After putting Jy to bed, I tried to turn in but had some dull menstrual-like pains. They weren’t even like Braxton Hicks when the tummy would contract. They were just cramps but they came on and off and made me feel like wanting to poop all the time. I couldn’t really sleep so I stayed up waiting for Ks to return at about half past midnight.

I told him about the pains, but he was pretty skeptical, because we’ve tried timing ‘contractions’ before which was quite a major false alarm. Since he also needed to wind down after his flight, we had some biscuits and milo and meanwhile, my cramps were getting quite painful. We started timing them at about 2am for an hour. By 3am, we were convinced they were the real contractions as they were coming in at about 5mins intervals.

We called up his parents to come over to look after Jy and we headed for the hospital.
Upon admission, the nurse asked what my pain level was like on a scale of 1 to 10. I said, ‘6’. I was pretty normal and even with the contractions, I could still talk and walk.
She checked me and said I was about 2cm dilated, but the cervix is not thinning out yet. Ks and I thought this labour would probably last till the afternoon. We sent out messages for prayers that the delivery would be quick and smooth.

In my pre-admission form, I already mentioned I wanted the epidural. I had such a great experience with my first labour, I wanted it again. But when the anaesthetist came in in about an hour, I wasn’t so sure I wanted it so quickly. What if this labour lasted a long time and I had to use many doses? And I could bear this pain…… But I didn’t stop him. So two painful jabs in my spine, and I was pain-free and immobile.

After the epidural was administered, I fellt happy and sleepy. I fell asleep for a few hours while nurses came to take my blood pressure and shifted me to the Delivery Suite (I was in the observation room as all suites were full).

At 8am, I was 8cm dilated but my water bag has not broken. They’ve already contacted Dr Ong who was on his way over. At 8.20am, the nurse checked and found out that my water bag had already broken and baby was crowning! I was so numb that I could not feel the water nor shift my leg at all. The nurse actually had to pause the labour with her hand while measuring Jh’s heart rate at the same time. It was falling rapidly because of his position and I was given an oxygen mask to keep his heart rate up.

At 8.30am, Dr Ong arrived, put on his attire and got his equipment ready. The nurses were told to put my legs on the stir-ups and out popped Jh at 8.43am. I didn’t even have to push.

God definitely answered our prayers. From the time I was warded to the time Jh was out, the labour process took no longer than 5 hours.
What’s even more amazing was the fact that Ks just landed from his flight. I could be giving birth to Jh during his Hongkong flight or on one of those overnight ones. But no, God made sure daddy was around.

My heart swells with gratefulness and thanksgiving for His perfect plan, His perfect timing and His perfect gift to us. 🙂

Introducing… Jing Heng, World. World, Jing Heng.
In case you’re wondering why he’s wrapped up in aluminium foil like a subway sandwich, this is the SOP for newborns in Mount Alvernia Hospital. The temperature of the newborn drops quickly and drastically upon birth so they’re wrapped up in this foil and put under the pre-warmed incubator to keep their temperatures up.

No longer a family of three, but FOUR!

Time passes so fast and I’m six days old already!


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