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Tooth Fairy

On my last gynae visit, Dr Ong asked, “So if your water bag breaks tomorrow, are you ready?”
I said, “Yes, except that the hubby is in Milan.”

I’m week 35 right now. Jh weighs around 2.2kg. He’s small by BabyCenter’s standard, but I think he’s relatively ok compared to his sister.
Anyway, back to labour. Other than knowing labour signs, Dr Ong wanted to know if I’m ready for Jh emotionally. I’d previously mentioned that I’m not sure I can handle two children. I mean, HOW? If Ks is not around, and I’ll have to deal with Jy’s tantrums while trying to care for didi by myself. I’ve heard stories of breastfeeding made really difficult or the elder sibling going on hunger strike. Or regression in their development, e.g peeing in pants even after being toilet trained.

All these just gets me a little frightened of Jh’s arrival. Like I want him to stay in me for a longer time still.
Of course, I’m not being fair to him. Poor dear.

Dr Ong said that when I had Jy I didn’t know if I could cope but I did. Eventually, things will work out. We spent the rest of that visit talking about how to include Jy in this new circle of Daddy, Mummy and baby.
Jy’s gonna show signs of needing attention. She definitely will. And it’s up to us as parents to spare her some special time to herself. He said don’t think that if you brought her out yesterday, she’ll remember it. Yesterday is gone and today you have to bring her out again. Kids want to spend as much time with you as possible. You’ll be tired from having to do all these, but it’s necessary.

Dr Ong’s not the first person who told us to not neglect Jy. A friend at church also reminded us twice to remember to care for her when the baby arrives. Make her involved in caring for her little brother.

Do it out of love. When you get so fed up and have your hand raised, ready to spank, take a step back and just hold it a bit. Love – It can find its way into your child’s heart.

But it’s easier said than done. Which is why I am writing this entry. To remind myself of the words of wisdom by people who’ve gone before me.
Learn all you can from the mistakes of others. You won’t have time to make them all yourself. -Alfred Sheinwold

I made a recent visit to my dentist for a routine scaling and polishing. I haven’t seen her in almost a year, that’s before the start of my pregnancy.
And she couldn’t believe what had happened to my teeth. Upon a quick inspection, she found 2 decays and several other teeth that were listed KIV.
Instead of the scaling and polishing, she went straight for fillings to be done to the decays to prevent them from worsening.

I got a pretty bad shock knowing my teeth are in such bad shape. She asked if I snack a lot. I told her I do. Sometimes twice between lunch and dinner, not to mention supper. She shook her head and sighed, “How to tell a pregnant woman to snack less? When I had my girl, I also kept eating Hello Panda.”

She said I have to really brush thoroughly and to floss everyday (I stopped flossing in my first trimester cos it made me gag). And guess what, I learnt that you can actually re-use your floss! You can wash it and use it the next day until it frays. If it’s a little gross for you, you can always throw it away after each use.

So dearest Jh, Mummy’s not able to snack on cookies and cakes anymore. I still hope you can put on as much weight inside as possible! I’ll try to eat healthy, even if all I crave is Tom Yam and McNuggets.


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