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Anticipating two

At 33 weeks, Jh is weighing nearly 2kg. According to the growth chart at the clinic, he seems to be a little under average. But according to BabyCenter, he’s right on track. Pardon the obsession with baby weight in the womb, cos Jy was such a small baby, so these kilos make me happy. : )
What’s more, in the 2 weeks since the previous visit (and over Chinese New Year), I did not gain any weight! Remained at 55.8kg.  So essentially, I lost weight. Heeheehee.

And after that, Ks and I had Black Pig shabu shabu Ramen at Tampopo to celebrate.. There goes the weight lost.

There aren’t any pics this visit cos Jh was blocking his face as usual. Ks and I are convinced he’ll be a really shy boy. We are hoping he’ll be an easier baby; sleep better, fewer tantrums, and perhaps would not require so much attention and can stay quietly in the pram. We’ll see..  can’t wait to see what our creative Father has in store for us!

I was sorting through all the newborn clothes for boys passed on to me by some friends and pretended to be holding Jh in my arms. The precious, precious memory of holding my day old baby. So fragile, so little, so soft, so lovely.

But sometimes at night, I can’t sleep. Because I dread the number of times I would be waking up after Jh enters the world.
Right now, Jy is waking up an average of 2 times in the night. Although all we do is go to her room and pat her back to sleep, it gets tiring and disruptive to our rest. Ks and I take turns to go into her room. Her previous sleep training, when she could sleep perfectly through the night was undone upon starting childcare and her fever bouts. There are magical nights when she wouldn’t wake up at all, but those are so rare we wouldn’t count on them.

The plan with Jh is also to put him in his own room and I would get up and feed him in the night. That was what we did with Jy and she could sleep for 6-8 hours in the night at 6 weeks odd. It was fantastic. She picked up the day/night difference quickly because it was heavily emphasized (we played music and vacuumed in the day while night was silent and completely dark). I’m praying Jh would be like that too.

So while I’m excited to see my little boy, deep down I know it’s gonna be tough. I’m not prepared mentally to get up 6 or 7 times at night to attend to both children. In fact, it gets me pretty down. I know I have Ks for support (he’s been awesome), but the fact that I’ll be on maternity leave and won’t have to work in the day makes me guilty if he is to get up instead of me. Anyway, he can’t feed Jh.

These swinging emotions get me quite torn and I can’t stop thinking about it and I’ll get insomnia. How ironic, really.

A recent conversation with a church mate had me thinking about enjoying the moment. On her third pregnancy, she said, ‘I had the most wonderful time. Because I know it’s gonna be my last. I will never have this bump again.’
Ks and I are actually pretty determined to stop at two. This means that this is my last pregnancy too. And I only have 7 weeks left to enjoy it! Less, if Jh decides to arrive earlier.
Having a bump is cumbersome, makes you waddle and lumber like a bear, but I’ll probably never again feel my child’s little movements against the inside of my skin. Or experience the cute jerks when he’s hiccupping. Or talk to him without seeing him and knowing he’s listening. Gosh, I actually am gonna miss this.

Time to get the camera out for more bump pics!


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