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Twice shy

Pregnancy is a funny thing. I’ve been feeling so slumped at work, going to bed at 9.30pm for the past few weeks and I get insomnia at 3.30am.

I contemplated getting up to write this post. But I chose to toss and turn in bed some more until I finally went back to sleep. Then, the alarm rang 10 minutes later (or so it seemed). And I’ve to get up for work.

We weren’t actually planning for a number two that soon. I mean, I barely got my period back. Only once, to be exact. And that was why I didn’t think I was pregnant although I kept feeling nauseated and food was starting to turn me off. I visited my GP and she told me to get tested; she couldn’t prescribe me anything unless she was certain I wasn’t pregnant. So, that evening, I got a kit and tested. All I wanted was to make sure I wasn’t pregnant.

But well, God had other plans. I wasn’t even sure I was reading the kit right. Yes, two lines – pregnant, ARE YOU SURE?
I showed it to Ks and he went, ‘Oh, okay..’
Hmm, quite a very different reaction from the first time, wasn’t it?

If I counted from my last period, my baby was 9 weeks old, gestational age. And I was feeling quite pleased about half the first trimester being gone like that. I scheduled a visit with my gynae and his receptionist managed to slot me in a last-minute cancellation, which was perfect as I was about to leave for Phuket soon and wanted a peace of mind.

To my sorrow (sobs), Dr Ong said my little one was only 6 weeks old. I must have had ovulated a lot later than the usual 2 weeks from last period and have conceived late in the menstrual cycle. So my glee turned to anxiousness. Gosh, I had been experiencing morning sickness at the 5th week. 7 more to go! AHH! Utter dread dread dread.

Thankfully, during the Phuket trip, I survived without puking. Just major fatigue and heartburn after meals. But after we returned, the ‘Merlion saga’ began. I’ll vomit up to 3 times a day, sometimes with food, sometimes without. Most times, it’s just the orange acid. And my throat got so raw and so sore, once, I could feel it bleeding inside.
I remembered thinking to myself during the first pregnancy that this was the ultimate worst time I’ve ever been through. You really begin to regret getting pregnant and you absolute cannot fathom how something so tiny has such a great impact on your entire being.

So anyway, here I am at the actual 9 weeks’ mark. I have about a month to go before it subsides. I willed myself to eat every 2 hours so I would not vomit and controlled myself during some urges because I really hate the effect of it. I still have not taken the anti-nausea pills, but they’re definitely at hand when I go for my company trip next week (to Phuket again!)

Here’s a shot of my new little one!! 😀
At 6 weeks, we could already hear her heartbeat. Thank You God for giving life.




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