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Sixteen and a strawberry

I haven’t been in here so long that I don’t know what I wanted to post anymore.
I blame Ks. He had all the Switzerland pictures but refuse to choose and post them. So long that it’s been exactly 2 months since we went on our trip. 😦

Anyway, the pictures are still not out and as much as I would love to write all about our fantastical adventure in Ricola Land, I can’t. Because, well, without the shots, it is quite hard to remember what we did.

So instead, I shall blog about my other little love.

Right now, Jy is about 16 and a half months. Past the first year mark, she’s learning things amazingly fast. It’s the kind of fast we all wish we have before sitting for our exams. It’s the kind of fast if present in an adult, you’ll think him or her a genius. So yes, my kid is a genius. Most kids are, anyway.

So what, she can recite ABC, count 1-10 and sing ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’? Erm, no.
So what can she do?

Jy understands yes and no, can say yes and no and respond correctly (sometimes incorrectly out of mischief) to yes and no. She recognises people now and can hug/ kiss/ pat and comfort us. She also knows what are the animals she saw at zoo despite only ever seeing them in cartoon-form in books. She can point out umbrellas and bicycles on the street even though we’d only showed her pictures of them.

But what impressed us the most is her ability to follow movements. It first started when I came home one day to see her tying her non-existent hair. Apparently ,she was following my MIL. Another time, my MIL was leaning against the shoe cabinet with her legs crossed. Jy dropped her toy and walked over to lean on the cabinet and cross her legs!
And one day, while shopping in the mall, she caught a short snippet of a little girl dancing in the tv, and she mimicked about two of those moves! That reallllly wow-ed Ks and I, and we bought the 3 dvds from the store.

Of course, there’s still a lonnng way to go in her learning journey and a massive amount of things to be exposed to. From numbers, to colours, to shapes, sizes, alphabets.. Ks is trying to teach her sorting of colours i.e putting the items of the same colour together, but she pretty much messes up the bowls and tries to feed you the cherries or blueberries (whatever Ks is using to teach).

We are currently in the process of looking for a childcare centre for her around our area. Main reason being, the little girl has so much energy, we really want her to spend it somewhere and my MIL isn’t getting younger by the day.
Sometimes Ks and I feel like we are not teaching her much and she does more or less the same things everyday – Eat, nap, roam around the house, visit the playground, and repeat. That’s not very enriching.. Ks tries his best to bring her to parks and pools, but it’s still not often and she has not much interaction with other kids except during the few hours at church. It’s as if we are lacking in fuelling her intelligence and curiosity, and we feel bad about it.
So we’re praying really hard to find a suitable one soon, although yes, we’ve been warned she’ll definitely fall sick. And probably develop a sweet tooth. But otherwise, I think the pros largely outweigh them.

Jy sleeps great at night now. A 9pm to 8am routine.
At 8pm, we get ready for bed – Brush teeth, wash hands and face, get into jammies, read her a few bedtime stories.
Then we go quiet and speak softly as we switch the lights to amber. We’ll get her bottle ready and turn off all lights completely while she drinks her milk. After finishing her bottle, she’ll usually want to be carried for about 10 mins and then she’ll be fast asleep.
Of course, it ain’t perfect, some days, she’ll not finish her milk or take longer to sleep or fuss ’cause she still wants to play but generally, bedtime is rather clockwork.
What Ks and I can’t handle, oddly enough, are her naps or their lackof. They drive me crazy.
In fact, just a day ago, I cried in the room because I was trying for 2 hours to get her to take her afternoon nap and was still unsuccessful. She eventually fell asleep after randomly playing by herself and cried because I refused to carry her. Honestly, I know it’s me. I need to stop stressing about these naps; they’ll come when she’s tired enough.
Ok, WIP.

Last week, while I was having dinner and Ks was in the room changing for a night out with his friends, I saw Jy sitting on the bottom door of the shoe cabinet. The cabinet has three doors which open from the top so Jy could actually sit on it. Within a second, the cabinet fall. On top. Of my daughter.
I screamed.
I couldn’t hear her cries or sobs and I really, really thought she died.
Ks ran out of the room and helped me lift the cabinet off Jy and I scooped her tightly in my arms. I didn’t even realise I had two gashes on my thighs. I hurriedly checked if Jy had any injury at all.
Head? Nothing. Face? Nothing. Arms, legs, feet, fingers, toes. Nothing.
It was a miracle. She came to absolutely no harm during the fall.

Ks and I couldn’t thank God enough for saving our little girl.
I mean, should He take her home, we would let him (could we not?) but we’ll be heartbroken.
So thank You, Father for letting us have her still. 🙂

Wasn’t intending for this post to be so long, haha. That’s what happens when you have months of stuff to update. 😛


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