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O N E – Part 2

Now, on the actual day of Jy’s birthday, that’s where the fun is!
I met my parents after work to get dinner and some cake for celebration’s sake.
But they had plans..

Mom got a cupcake stand and Dad was taste tasting some cupcakes and puffs.
They wanted a grand cupcake tier and Jy’s very own Smash cake!

The beautiful cupcake tier with the first letters of her name ‘CAM’
Manicure receipt 179

Manicure receipt 193
Here’s a definition I got from google.
“Smash Cake is the precious tradition of baking your one-year-old birthday child her very own cake that she can do whatever she likes with. Mainly it makes for a great photo that will be treasured for years to come. Often people make two cakes on the first birthday occasion – one to share with friends and family that looks beautiful and may match the party theme and a second one with the birthday child’s name on it that is meant to be destroyed by her.”

Singaporeans don’t practice this, but we thought it would be fun and rather significant to allow her full control of her cake.
Unlike many babies her age, Jy doesn’t like putting things in her mouth. Maybe because she teeths a little slower than her peers and perhaps does not need to soothe sore gums. So basically, she didn’t know what to do with her cake.

Manicure receipt 186

She tentatively prodded the Hello Kitty cake (from Breadtalk) while we got her to dig her fingers in and lick them. It took a while but pretty soon the cream was all over her face and in her hair!

Then we started her on the treats, just a little bit. A first taste of cupcakes and sugar and all things lovely (to me)!
Manicure receipt 195

As we started the celebration late, cos Ks ended his work late that day, we only had this family photo with a sleepy and grumpy Jy. Well, that’s her default grumps expression anyway. 🙂
Manicure receipt 181


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