Chinese New Year · Pregnancy


It’s Chinese New Year now and I’ve been told to enjoy myself as much as I can.
First of all, I get a free pass to all kinds of  CNY goodies – Arrowroot chips, Kueh Lapis, Prawn roll, Bak Kwa.. YUMMS
Secondly, next year there’s gonna be 3 of us going around home-visiting. Complete with diaper bags, milk bottles, bibs, baby food, just to name a few.
So basically, I’m bent on having a great CNY this year. 🙂

I frequent the Mummysg forum and in our ‘March 2013 Mummies’ thread, someone gave birth this morning!
She’s in her 37th week, her waters leaked last night, and her little girl’s born at 5am.
It’s kind of shocking..
I’m in my 35th week now and that’s 2 weeks away!! AHHH!
Alright, I just said I’m gonna enjoy my CNY. I shall freak out after.

Anyway the rate I’m getting hungry again is frightful.
Waffles in the morning at 9am and I’m on hunt for food again at 10.30am. Baby JY is certainly on her way to gain as much weight as possible!

Went plant-shopping after Reunion dinner last night at my parents’ and came across these interesting plants!

Odd LemonTinnny oranges! And really odd shaped lemons?!!

Odd lemons

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 😀
Have a great Year of the Snake and may you enjoy all kinds of quality time with your loved ones 🙂


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